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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You ask us, we answer!

What should I expect when you show up to do the job?

When we arrive on our arranged date, our crews will usually make contact to let you know we are on site.

We will unload our necessary equipment, including saws, climbing gear, ropes, fuel, ladders, rakes wheelbarrows and other tools that help us prepare for the job at hand. Our staff will be outfitted in our PPE (personal protective equipment) such as chainsaw pants, helmets, safety glasses and steel toe boots.

Next we access the tree, planning how we plan to bring it down safely. We discuss, and then get to work.

The climber will climb into the tree, with a chain saw and some ropes, along with his climbing safety gear. The limbs will be cut, sometimes lowered on rope, and perhaps the top of the tree will be removed if required. Then the tree is pieced down, with pieces of wood either being lowered on rope, or falling onto the grass. We are finished the tree when only the stump remains.

Then the process of clean up happens. The limb wood is cut and dragged out to our chipper to be processed into smaller wood chips. The larger trunk section wood is cut into manageable pieces, and either taken to the truck, or left for your firewood needs. The yard is then raked so that as many small twigs, leaves and sawdust are removed. We then remove our equipment, and pack up our vehicle. If you have chosen to have the stumps ground out, that process can begin.

Some things that you might notice after we are finished with our clean up are dents in the lawn from falling wood, holes or missing grass from branches sticking into the ground, and sawdust remaining. We do our best to leave a clean yard, but leftover sawdust is inevitable.

If you have questions about something we haven't covered, let us know.


How do you price my tree removal job?

There are many factors that go into pricing the removal of a tree, which is why it is important to see the tree to provide an accurate cost.

When evaluating the tree, we consider some of these factors:

- location of the tree and if we need to haul the wood/brush a long distance
- the overall size of the tree, and the time it will take to safely bring all the pieces to the ground.
- hazards that are present, such as structures, fences, other trees, hydro lines.
- do we require specialized equipment to remove the tree, such a bucket truck or lift.

With all these things taken into account, we try to provide you with a competitive price thats fair.

What happens when you grind my stump?

We show up at your house with one of two grinders. The type we bring depends on the access we have to your house (front or backyard, stairs, ext), as well as the size of the stump we are grinding.

We set up and get to work, moving all items that could make contact with the grinder away from the stump. The grinder gets started, and we get to work.

The grinder works back and forth across the stump, taking a layer of wood with each pass, until it works the stump down, into the ground, somewhere between 4"-12" deep.

This process creates an amount of wood shavings that our stump grinder will rake back into the newly created hole, preventing it from being a trip hazard. If chip/shaving clean up is required, then an additional cost will be required to remove and clean up.