Live edge slabs available again

I've been busy working on providing some more live edge wood slabs, and I now have some available.

I've recently cut down a Sunburst Locust tree, and i'm in the process of milling it into boards.

Currently I have 3-4 - 20" wide, 5' long, by 2" thick - with live edge.

Contact me ASAP if your interested in purchasing one.  Prices start at $100


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Black walnut slabs available

This Friday was my first attempt using my new chainsaw saw mill. With very little set up time we were able to get our first log set up with the levelling bars, and make our first level cut to prepare the log for more cuts to come. 

The 4-5' lengths of walnut were cut into 2" slabs, all containing a live edge and a beautiful rich dark grain. 

These pieces will need some time to cure and dry but they are available for sale in the mean time to anyone interested.  

I've provided some sample photos. Please contact me if your interested.