Lumberjacks have hearts

I'm some what of a tree hugger.  Who knew!


Rotten leaning Catapule tree

Good evening

This morning we took down a rotten catapule tree.  This tree had a heavy lean towards the customer's house, and a large rotten hole at the base that resulted in this 3' across tree only having 3-4" of actual wood holding it up.

The tree was surrounded on all sides with hydro, phone, rogers and fiber optic lines which made the removal difficult.  Our bucket truck was used and we pieced it down safely.

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More live edge slabs (new shape)

Good evening 

I've got some more live edge slabs for sale.  These are a different shape and show where the tree has split off in another direction.  The specs are: 5' long, 16"-22" wide and 1-5/8" thick.  The wood is sunburst locust. 

$100 per piece and all proceeds go to charity.  Contact Tim at 


Tim's Tree