Rotten leaning Catapule tree

Good evening

This morning we took down a rotten catapule tree.  This tree had a heavy lean towards the customer's house, and a large rotten hole at the base that resulted in this 3' across tree only having 3-4" of actual wood holding it up.

The tree was surrounded on all sides with hydro, phone, rogers and fiber optic lines which made the removal difficult.  Our bucket truck was used and we pieced it down safely.

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A busy fall and winter

Hey everyone.

I've not been as active updating the site over the fall and winter season as I had hoped to be.

Since 2014 Tim's Tree Removal and another local tree company have been the sole providers of tree removal services for the region's LRT (Light Rail Transit) or ION project.  We have been working hard to clear trees for the widening of the track areas from Fairview to Conestoga malls.  We have clear cut some area, and pieced down difficult city trees in other areas.

This has been a great project to be a part of, but it has kept us extremely busy.

I will continue to attempt to update the site with information on projects, and products that we are going to be selling.  Look for wood slabs, round wood pieces, and wood chips.

Thanks and as always please contact us with any tree questions you have for us.


Tim's Tree Removal

Tree removal w/ bucket truck

Earlier this week we removed a large black walnut tree from a residence in Kitchener near St Mary's hospital.  This tree extended over houses, sheds and fences.  It required the bucket truck to safely and efficiently bring it down. 

In 3 hours we had created quite the mess on the ground, but the tree was safely down. 

Here are some photos showing the removal stages.