Cat in a tree?

While not your typical tree service request, we do get calls for cats in trees. 

I received such a request today. 

A woman's cat had been up a tree for 24 or more hours, meowing and moving further up the tree.  She tried calling the fire dept, Kitchener hydro, and various other resources before reaching me. 

I drove out and assessed the tree and figured we couldn't reach the cat as the branches got too small that high up.  The cat was about 40 feet up.  

I put my climbing gear on, and laboured up the tree.  Upon reaching the area the cat was in, I saw and heard the little guy and he did not want to be up that high.  

I called him, and he slowly made his way to me.  I had one of the bystanders attach my rope to the bag we had planned to lower the cat in, and I raised it up.  I planted myself and grabbed the cat by the scruff, and attempted to put the cat in the bag. FYI, cats hate being out in bags.  But seeing how this was the only way to safely bring it down, I made sure the cat understood its options. 

Once in the bag there was very little movement, and I lowered it to her waiting owner at the bottom of the tree.  

I'm happy this ended well for all involved, and I hope the little guy stays safe indoors for years to come.